What’s Your Life Story?

Humans are drawn to each other by the stories we dare to share.  We create deeper roots with family, friends, and community through the art of storytelling.  The other day I decided to read back through my #hearingspanglish blog posts and discovered that what I am doing is telling my “life story” and discovering the powerful healing perspective it brings by taking the time to be vulnerable in the moment.  Each of YOU has a unique set of experiences in the world that creates the one and only, YOU!  The courage to tell your own story with others may be the antidote that someone else needs too. 

Stacy Brookman is a blogger and podcaster who has dedicated her entrepreneur learning to helping others tell their life story and discover resilience. https://www.stacybrookman.com/learnlifestorytelling/. I began reading some of her blogs about the benefits to writing and sharing a life story. She writes that all of us have a story to tell. By telling stories we are able to gain perspectives about our life, expression of life, hope and help to heal others, and heal ourselves. Reading this blog post perfectly described my reflective blog moments.

Looking back, I have realized that #hearingspanglish has given me a self-reflective perspective of the cochlear implant journey.  Approximately one year ago I wrote my first blog post and welcome page.  I was determined to be vulnerable through this cochlear implant process life story.  Reflecting on my own storytelling makes me realize the progress that I have made and that every experience and expression breathes inspiration. 

I started #hearingspanglish for two important reasons. One was for personal reasons. I needed to have the strength of my family, friends, and professional community to support and strengthen me (ALL of you have been my strength and thank you!). Two, I was hoping that my blog would reach others who may be thinking about this same journey. In my own faith, God sent me on this road to be real while looking through the lens of an audiologist and personally pursuing this incredible cochlear implant technology.

“I am thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength.”
― Alexandra Elle

In my blog post titled #peermentors #sameselfpeers, I talked about the healing, encouragement, and strength that I received by talking to my AuDpeeps with cochlear implants.  Their willingness to share their stories and experiences gave me strength during fear, struggles, and celebrations.

LIFE CI STORY!! One of the greatest rewards of sharing #hearingspanglish is the people that I have met along this journey. I have made multiple connections that otherwise would not have come to fruition if I had chosen not to share my life story. I have had the opportunity to share my journey with the future of the audiology profession by guest lecturing at various universities (virtual of course) and professional development opportunities. I hope these students remember the human and emotional rollercoaster that someone might be going through when they graduate and have their own practice. My GREATEST blessing has been the connections to meet kids, parents, and adults with hearing loss who are in the midst of their own emotional hearing loss journey. Some are complete strangers who have reached out as a result of reading #hearingspanglish and some I have known over the years. I know that some may choose this cochlear implant path, and some may not; that is the chapter of their own story that they will have the strength to write.

My question for all of you.  What is YOUR life story?  What journey, struggle, adventure do you have to share?  By sharing your unique life story you have the opportunity to encourage and heal others who may also be walking in the same shoes. 

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  1. Every post leaves me feeling energized, spiritually moved, full of hope and challenged! Please know what a blessing you are to so many by offering your thoughts perspective – I couldn’t adore you more!

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