Staying Put


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Staying put has been the theme of many of our lives over the past few months. For some, being quarantined has sparked creative projects and solutions. I love seeing pictures of homemade gifts, a “new” furniture upcycle, a fresh coat of bold paint in a room, and yummy bakery creations.

The theme of “staying put” sparked me to blog about the simple, creative solution that made a big difference in my CI journey #hearingspanglish.

Working out is my way to relieve stress, stay healthy, and get moving in the morning.  I am grateful for my 5:15 AM workouts at Intelligent Fitness and the girls (BBB’s) who keep me accountable.  Truthfully, one of my biggest fears about moving forward with a cochlear implant was “what if” I experience significant vestibular and balance issues and I would not be able to continue this necessary part of my day.  Thankfully, I did not have balance issues and I was able to get back into my work out quickly after recovery. 

What I did not anticipate was the difficulties of my CI “staying put” on my head!  Every time I would do a sit up, plank, bicycles, or other activity that required laying down; I would instantly lose connection to the hearing world.  One second, I am listening to the trainer’s greatest hits and the next second I am off the air to a world of silence. 

I was on a mission to find a creative solution for my CI to stay put during workouts.  I needed something that was comfortable and did not obstruct the microphone of my CI.  I started searching CI FB pages and Etsy for possible solutions.  I bought several headbands varying in sizes that either slipped off my head or gave me a headache.  I tried several different hats and found I did not like wearing a hat while working out at the gym.  I even tried toupee tape just to see.  I was not satisfied with any of these solutions.

After several failed attempts for a solution, I remembered that I had received a Boho Bandeau headband a few years back as a gift.  Digging through my drawer I found the spunky pink polka dot Boho band still in its original package.  The Boho band claimed to be lightweight, super versatile and could be worn in 12 different ways.  Maybe one of the 12 ways would be to keep my CI staying put during workouts! 

After giving it a try, I found Boho Bands were the STAY PUT creative solution for me!! I can now be found working out with many different colors and patterns of the Boho band on my head. These colorful fun Boho bands keep sweat off my face, hair out of my eyes, and my CI on the air while staying put. I love sporting a colorful, fun fashion statement while working out!

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make a big difference. Staying put is free space to be creative with the simple things. Has “staying put” sparked creative solutions in your life?

10 Replies to “Staying Put”

  1. Well done on sharing how the headband was a great success for you. Keep up the good work on your blogging expereicnes Carrie!


  2. Well done in sharing your experience and how the headband was a great solution Carrie! Keep up the sharing of your CI!


  3. Hi Carrie….Carol Tucker here. I am one year post activation of my AB cochlear implant. I have no hearing bilaterally without processor. I still find it “weird, spooky” to not have any sound when I take the processor off at night. Any suggestions ? Thanks..Carol

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    1. Hi Carol!! Good to hear from you. Since I have just the one CI right now, I still have some hearing in the other ear when I don’t have my CI and HA on. I would certainly ask this important question on a CI user group.

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  4. Carrie, you’re awesome! Your’re blog is inspirational! It’s helped me to take the next step and contact OSU about their CI program and how they might help my profound bi-lateral hearing loss.

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    1. Thanks Jerry for the inspirational words! It took me a while to “make the call” and schedule a CI consult. Make sure you bring someone with you and ask lots of questions. It is a lifechanging decision. Please reach out if I can be of any support!!

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