Game Day CI Surgery Success!

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In my last blog I talked a lot about Game Day Anxiety and this certainly was something that I had high emotions about.  The day before surgery, I actually felt less anxiety and more at peace with my decision to move forward.  I AM confident that this is the right decision!

The day before surgery, I was able to keep really busy at work with a ½ day presentation that I gave and the afternoon to finish up last minute reports.  Out of office reply is now on my emails!! 

With an early start on Friday for surgery day, Troy and I made reservation at a hotel close to the hospital.  Thankful for my mom who came down and stayed at our house.  The kids don’t necessarily need someone to stay here but it was another peace of mind that I needed going into surgery. 

Pre- surgery instructions say nothing to eat or drink after 11:00 PM.  We decided to find a good place to eat and had a delicious mushroom pizza and glass of wine at the Harvest Bar + Kitchen.

Initially I thought I would not be able to fall asleep the night before, but I honestly felt such tranquility.  I was able to relax and fall asleep!   I strongly believe that all of the prayers, thoughts, well wishes were heard and I knew that I was making the right decision.  I have full confidence in the Dr. Adunka and his team.  A verse came across to me the evening before surgery and it was so timely…2 Timothy 1:7 says For God has not given a spirit of fear and timidity, but of Power, Love, and Self Discipline.  This was perfect

DAY of Surgery.  Woke up much earlier than I needed to.  I had a little sad moment when I realized that this is the last morning that I will be putting my hearing aid in on my left ear.  This has been a habit and need for over 40 years! 

We had to be at the hospital at 6:45 AM.  Wow! OSU Wexner Center is huge.  All of my previous appointments had been at the OSU Eye and Ear Institute which is easy to navigate.   With several wrong turns, we were able to find the Ohio State Brain and Spine Hospital to get checked in.  Got all prepped for surgery with IV’s, heart monitor, and other prep.  Met with the anesthesiologist to go over health history.  Also met with Dr. Adunka prior to surgery and he was ready to roll.  By 9:15, I was being wheeled back into surgery and next thing I know it  was 11:45 am, I was being “woke up”.  The anesthesiologist asked if I knew where I was and I was able to tell her the hospital.  They asked me a few other questions and wheeled me back to recovery. 

I found out in recovery that Dr. Adunka had called Troy.  The initial report was all positive!  No complications during the surgery and he felt confident that the internal device was inserted without complications and he felt that he was able to save some of my residual hearing!  It will be hard to tell exactly with all of the fluid and packing, but I am hopeful for this!  I have now been initiated into the BIONIC ear world!

In recovery, I was in localized pain (obviously) on my left side.  I did end up taking a high level pain pill to help with the initial shock to this side.  The nurse also wanted to be sure that I was able to walk.  The moment of truth to see if my one fear of dizziness after surgery was going to be there.  I was able to get up with a little unsteadiness, but overall, I felt pretty good!  I got to see what I looked like too.  A big white softball sticking out the side of my head and some really crooked glasses (note to others who are getting a CI and wear glasses, bring an eyeglass kit to take off the arm of the glasses). 

By 1:45 we were on the road back home to recover.  By this time, my appetite had returned some, but my jaw and throat were hurting.  The only thing that sounded good was a Wendy’s frosty and some French fries!  Something soft and something cool! 

Made it home and have a lot of good meals from my mom and my workout friends!!  I love seeing all of the words of encouragement on FaceBook and have gotten many texts and cards with inspirational messages.    I am relaxing with my wedge pillow propped on the couch and going to take it easy!  It is not very often as a mom that I have full permission to not do anything but relax!! 

Now that I have been home and slept one night, I can say that I still have some pain, but it is not bad.  I am now just taking Tylenol every 4-6 hours and drinking lots of water and hot tea.  The one thing that I do notice in my left ear is a lot of popping (almost like when you fly in an airplane).  Tomorrow I can take my “cup” off of my ear and shower.  I now have over a week to really recover and then back to Columbus on Nov 26 for my post op visit!! 

Next in 2 weeks:  Post Op Surgical Appointment!

13 Replies to “Game Day CI Surgery Success!”

  1. Glad you had a decent experience and a good road to recovery!!! You made a good choice with post- surgery food… that’s what we always buy the kids!!! You are an inspiration and in my prayers 💕

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  2. Carrie, My daughter had her CI surgery one week ago but is experiencing severe dizziness and vertigo. She is very concerned this is permanent but was told it’s due to swelling. She had to have a cochlectomy due to weird anatomy. Can you tell me how long all this lasted. Thanks so much Linda Ginesi


    1. Hi Linda
      Everyone is a little different. I didn’t have the dizziness but I did have a lot of fullness in my head and visual disturbance. Mine lasted about 10-14 days. I remember going to my follow up appointment and still having so much fullness.

      Hope your daughter gets stronger each day.


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