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Welcome to the Hearing Spanglish blog. You may be wondering about the name. I wanted a name that creates hope, humor, and hearing as I share my journey to a cochlear implant. All of us have a different path that we venture on and all of us make choices that are best for ourselves. Some of you may be excited about my choices and some may disagree with my choices. We are all entitled to our own journey.

I will share more background about my hearing loss in the future, but I wanted to share a story about the term “Spanglish”. About 15 years ago, a preschooler asked me why I talk “Spanglish”? She knew that I had an “accent” but could not figure out what kind of accent it was. She cleverly came up with “Spanglish”. Ever since this time, I have used this term to explain my “deaf” accent which is one way I bring humor to living with hearing loss in our vibrant hearing world.

As I venture into the cochlear implant candidacy process, I am blessed to have a network of friends who have already been on the journey. ALL of them have said that getting a CI is like learning a new language. I have decided to be hopeful in my CI journey to learn how to “hear Spanglish”!

The cochlear is a snail shaped organ. Imagining my cochlear hearing a new Spanglish in the near future!

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